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Panel Vans and Luton Vans up to 5.6m Load Length
About Luton Vans from The Vantrader
A one stop shop for your business offering advice on all makes of Vans , specialist builders of extra long wheel base Luton Vand and Panel Vans
We are in a position to offer you independant advise on all Models and makes, please bear in mind that the days of building whatever you want on a chassis have long gone, all builds need to be approved and regulations are tough and getting tougher.
We have a selection of Builds that should cover all needs, from 4.1m to 5.6m Load Length on Low Chassis from Fiat,Renault,Citroen,Peugeot, with Heights from 2.2m to 2.6m, the payloads are 1250-1300kg which is the best you can get from a Low Loader with Lightweight panels.
Over the years through our co-operation with all Manufacturers and Models we have ended up being an impartial authority, advising on all makes and models, if you have any questions we will be in the best position to answer, give us a try.
If you go to a dealer and you will only be advised on that Manufacturers Vehicles, you will not know if that vehicle is actually the right one for your company, we have worked for years with all of the manufacturers and many body builders to put together the best advice we can across the board, all of the different Manufacturers have pro's and con's, we are sure if you talk to us that we will offer you options you may not have thought about.
We are working closely with Body Builders on Standard Lutons with Tail Lifts and Low Floor Luton's, we can also build up to 5600mm Loadlength, if you look at the extra length Fiat Ducato's on this site - you will see that the wheelbase has been extended, this balances out the vehicle and is prefferable to just a overhanging body, we have also taken the time to design a floorspace that can take 6 Pallet's - yet another unique item from Bodycraft Worcester, we have in adition supplied 100's of New Sprinter Luton's.
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The Big Questions:
1. Payload? We have acheived the highest payload allowed in the UK on a 3.5 ton Vehicle.
2. Load Length we can build up to 5600mm with extended wheel base.
3. We have worked hard on designing and getting approved a 6 Europallet floorspace on a low Floor Luton.
4.We normally have Standard Loloaders available from stock.


1. 4.5 Wick Hipay Maxi Load 1350
2. Spetchley 5060 Hipay Maxi Load 1300
3. Powick 5600 Hipay Maxi Load 1280

These Luton Body Solutions are mainly restricted to the extended chassis we can build up to 4.5m on the factory platform cabs.

Hipay Maxi Load Low Lutons


Built to your Requirements

Our Low Loader Body Options:
1. 4.5 Wick Hipay Maxi Load 1350
2. Spetchley 5060 Hipay Maxi Load 1300
3. Powick 5600 Hipay Maxi Load 1280

We can change configuration of the doors and Panels, Roof, Tie Rails to whatever you want - call us to see if we can do what you are thinking.